Juana's Story: Accessing Medical Care as a Nicaraguan Refugee

Volunteers who serve at Project Alajuelita in Costa Rica are often inspired by the patients seen at the FIMRC clinic. Witnessing the resilience that our community members have is a profound experience. One patient in particular has been a source of inspiration for staff, community members, and many volunteers. Her name is Juana, she’s a mom, a widow, and Nicaraguan refugee living in Costa Rica, and she’s overcome too much to give up now.

While serving at FIMRC Project Alajuelita, volunteers Selina Xue and Caroline Peh created these videos to portray Juana’s story of resilience. Selina and Caroline were inspired to witness Juana’s recovery; much like these other FIMRC alumni:

Dr. Ben and Dr. Sloane Winkes served at Project Alajuelita from October 2018 to June 2019. They helped many patients during that time, including Juana.

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If you’ve served at a FIMRC Project Site before, you know first-hand that we operate like a family. Shoutout to these FIMRC Family staff members at Project Alajuelita who make volunteers and patients alike feel like family every day!

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